• XII International SCENAR Conference

    From 02.09 до 08.09.2006 in the 5-star Grand Hotel Varna, Bulgaria was held the 12 International SCENAR Conference, organized by SCENAR Center - Bulgaria, OKB RITM, Russia and the International SCENAR Academy - Moscow. There were 137 participants from 16 countries - Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, England, Germany, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Netherlands Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.
  • SCENAR Symposium 2004

    Between 7 and 10 of September 2004 the Bulgarian SCENAR Society (BSS) organized and carried out the 1st International Thematic SCENAR Symposium “SCENAR-therapy of musculoskeletal disorders”.
  • X International SCENAR Conference

    Between 1st and 6th of September 2003 at one of the best Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria - Sunny Beach, the Bulgarian SCENAR Society (BSS) - one of the first national SCENAR organizations together with OKB RITM Co, Russia - the world's outstanding producer and leading promoter of SCENAR technology organized and carried out the 10th International Conference of SCENAR-therapy - the first to be held outside Russia.