• Dr.Rumyana Kuzmova<br>Specialist General Medicine<br>Homeopathic Physician<br>SCENAR therapeutist<br>mob: +359888620384<br><br>
    Dr.Rumyana Kuzmova
    Specialist General Medicine
    Homeopathic Physician
    SCENAR therapeutist
    mob: +359888620384


The SCENAR training in Bulgaria is provided by “SCENAR Centre – Bulgaria” Ltd., which is the authorized representative for everything SCENAR-related – trade, education, promotion, etc., according to the agreement signed with OKB RITM – Russia.

Lecturer in SCENAR Center Bulgaria is Dr. Rumyana Kuzmova

Our current TRAINING PLAN is organized in three levels:

  1. Introductory course (duration: 3 days)
  2. Basic course I level (duration: 3 days)
  3. Basic course II level (duration: 5 days, Lecturer: Dr. Josif Semikatov from Russia)
Other courses and forms of training:
  1. Home devices training course (duration: 1 day)
  2. Individual training


Plovdiv, Bulgaria – “SCENAR Center - Bulgaria”,
9 “Vasil Aprilov” blvd.,
tel/fax: +359 32 64 10 01