Who can use SCENAR?

For medics and therapeutists 

SCENAR devices are used primarily or as an aid in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases, the treatment of functional disorders in emergency assistance and in many emergencies. The Professional Series appliances have broad therapeutic options, high reliability and ability to accommodate a large volume of information. Devices intended for use by medical professionals from different disciplines. In their work using SCENAR therapy specialists in all fields of both conventional (physiotherapists, neurologists, internist, pediatricians, obstetricians and gynecologists, traumatologists, sports doctors, etc...) and alternative (acupuncturists, homeopaths, reflexotherapists) medicine. SCENAR is successfully used in cosmetology, rehabilitation, kinesitherapy.

  For home use

The Home series of the SCENAR devices are valuable assistants for every family. These are a series of devices designed for use at home, during sports and tourism, business trips, etc. They can be used to eliminate pain, for treatment of respiratory diseases, traumas, burns, frostbites, etc. The simplicity of operation, high reliability and efficiency make SCENAR indispensable in first aid.

  In sport 

Modern sport involves serious psychological and physical exertion. In this connection the possibility of increasing the psychological resistance, the treatment of sports injuries, the treatment of common diseases without medications and complete and fast rehabilitation of athletes are essential. The low weight, easy use and portability, allow SCENAR to be used not only in specialized labs and hospitals, but just on the field, immediately after a race or during a trip to the hotel. The less is the time from the injury, the greater is the effectiveness of SCENAR treatment. In this regard, the presence of trained therapist during the competitions, trainings and generally any place where there are athletes, increases aid effectiveness. SCENAR - technology in sports medicine has been successfully applied as a fast acting, safe (no side effects) treatment, which significantly increases the potential of the organism.
SCENAR is also for all who want to help themselves, their children, parents and relatives effectively and without the harmful side effects of medications. This highly effective and safe alternative therapy is for both adults and children. A new hope when the traditional healing methods are helpless.