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    Участниците пред хотел Гларус
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10th International SCENAR Conference

Between 1st and 6th of September 2003 at one of the best Black Sea resorts of Bulgaria - Sunny Beach, the Bulgarian SCENAR Society (BSS) - one of the first national SCENAR organizations together with OKB RITM Co, Russia - the world's outstanding producer and leading promoter of SCENAR technology organized and carried out the 10th International Conference of SCENAR-therapy - the first to be held outside Russia. The Conference Hall was in hotel Glarus.
The main goal of the Conference - to bring together people sharing the SCENAR idea from East and West into a really multinational meeting, was obviously achieved - nearly 160 participants from 19 countries take part in the Conference - something happening for the first time since SCENAR technology was released to the world.


The organization of the Conference provided opportunities for scientific and educational activity on a high up-to date level - a succinct scientific program and new forms of continual education, as well as enough time for free communication and exchange of ideas and experience. 

The scientific part of the Conference was in the form of oral presentations, meeting certain requirements of the Scientific Committee for topic, contents and form. A Multimedia presentation and Simultaneous translation in English, Russian and Bulgarian were provided during the Conference.

The Abstracts of the presentations at the Conference were issued on CD in Russian, English and Bulgarian.

The process of continual education was organized in the form of teaching lectures and special scientific reports on key issues and fundamental topics of SCENAR theory and practice, presented by leading specialists in these fields - Aleksander Revenko, Galina Subbotina, Josif Semikatov, Zulia Valeyeva-Frost, Alexander Tarakanov. 

For the participants in the Conference and their accompanying persons, every evening a varied and very entertaining social program was organized.
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The participants in front of Hotel Glarus

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Official Greetings from Ukraine

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The Conference Hall

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Typical Evening Event


TUESDAY 02 September 2003
Morning Session – Oral Presentations:

Valeyeva-Frost Z. (UK) - “Development of SCENAR in the West”

Rae P. (UK) - “The Need for ISTA (International SCENAR Technology Association) 
and its Intended Role” 

Grinberg J. (Russia) - “SCENAR Therapy and SCENAR Diagnostics”

Khorounjaia N. (Netherlands) - “Experience of the First SCENAR Centre in the Netherlands"

Tarakanov A. (Russia) - “The Use of SCENAR in Urgent Situations”

Revenko A. (Russia) - “SCENAR Therapy and Biofeedback”

Afternoon Session – Teaching Lectures:

Revenko A. (Russia) - “SCENAR – What is it?”
Revenko A. (Russia) - “Philosophy of General Action Zones in SCENAR Therapy”

Evening event:
A visit to a wine-cellar - dinner and folk-program

WEDNESDAY 03 September 2003
Morning Session - Oral Presentations:

Dupuis G. (USA) - "The Dynamics of Difference & SCENAR Biofeedback Therapy"

Valeyeva-Frost Z. (UK) - ““SCENAR in Bowling Ball Syndrome – Effect on Brain ?-waves”

Maljushko O. (Ukraine) - “One More SCENAR Fairy Tale”

Maljushko O. (Ukraine) - “SCENAR and Antihomotoxic Preparations in the PMS Therapy”

Borovkova L. (Russia) - “The Effectiveness of SCENAR in Endometriosis”

Coleman S. (UK) - “The Combination of SCENAR and Activity Based Program in Paralysis”

Shapow M. (USA) - “On Pain Relief with SCENAR”

Zheleva M. (Bulgaria) - “SCENAR Interpretation of the Ancient ‘Blossom’ Method”

Aljoshin S. (Russia) - “Work with Comb-Electrode on the Head”

Afternoon Session - Teaching Lectures:

Subbotina G. (Russia) - “Reactions of the Patient to the SCENAR Therapy”

Valeyeva-Frost Z. (UK) - “Mechanisms of the Effectiveness of SCENAR Therapy”

Evening event:
Dinner - floor show

THURSDAY 04 September 2003
Morning Session - Oral Presentations:

Tyutyunnikova G. (Russia) - “The Complex Approach to Diagnostics and Treatment”

Gorodetskaya E. (Russia) - “RISTA Diagnostics and SCENAR Therapy”

Subbotina G. (Russia) -“The Place of RISTA in SCENAR Therapy”

Dupuis G. (USA) - “Adaptive Regulation in Complex Systems"

Lipkova M. (Slovakia) - “Treatment of Alopecia, Burns and Psoriasis”

Lopatina A. (Russia) - “Comparison of SMC and SCENAR in Sportsmen Recovery”

Tarakanov A. (Russia) - “MLB – Mechanisms of Specific Actions”

Afternoon Session - Teaching Lectures:

Semikatov J. (Russia) - “General Methodology of SCENAR Procedure – work with ‘Difficult’ Patients”

Tarakanov A. (Russia) - “Where to apply the SCENAR” (Discussion)

Evening event:
Sightseeing and dinner at the Old town of Nessebar

FRIDAY 05 September 2003
Morning Session:
Round table “Perspectives of International SCENAR-Co-operation”

Afternoon Session:
Working Party “On ISTA Project”

Evening event:

Farewell and Award Dinner Awarded Presentations:

1st prize - Alexander Tarakanov (Russia) - “Mechanisms of the Healing Blanket Specific Actions”

2nd prize - Stephen Coleman (UK) - “The Combination of SCENAR and Activity Based Program for the Rehabilitation of Individuals Affected by Paralysis”

3rd prize - Anna Lopatina (Russia) - “Comparison of the effectiveness of SMC (Sinusoidal Modulated Currents) and SCENAR-influence in recovery of the body functions of sportsmen after training”

A thorough discussion on the perspectives of international SCENAR co-operation took place during the Conference. New forms of interaction and mutual help among the SCENAR-practitioners all over the world were supposed, aiming to raise the popularity and the prestige of SCENAR therapy to the level it truly deserves. 
The set up of an International SCENAR Technology Association was generally accepted in the pursuit of positioning SCENAR as a distinct and serious discipline in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine - the greatest goal of the international SCENAR community.